Holding CNN to their owns Facts, First.

An assumed frustrated-writer holds Don Lemon and his brand of rhetoric to their own flame. Not that this is an endorsement of any outlet, except the endorsement of holding outlets accountable.

“Your tweet this morning essentially called her a liar.” Essentially.  Well CNN, did Trump call Mrs. Johnson a liar or didn’t he?  Why equivocate? You are dealing in the world of FACTS here, not interpretation, right? Essentially is a weasel word. Essentially is an extrapolation. Essentially is a way to make something true that may or may not be true. Essentially is a point of view. Essentially is not, a FACT.




The Basement of Orlando. Tanq’s

Been here a bunch. Always seeing friends playing in bands. And they’re always really good bands, I do gotta say.

Pine and Orange – a classic green awning casting pink neon glows. White dudes in cargo shorts. Ladies in tanks and dukes. Tats are common and smoking is a must.

This may be the only place on the strip where Florida reports unabashedly — crackers cackling casually in camo or cargos, casting their cash on Coor’s and Kools.

No grooming is needed. Cause real Florida don’t give a fuck.